Paul Babelay online vibraphone recording

Have no fear… Online Vibraphone Recording is Here

Online Vibraphone Recording solves ALL of your musical problems … well, most of them.

You no longer have to lose sleep about not having REAL Vibraphone on your musical masterpieces.

Online Vibraphone Recording is FASTER

You don’t have to fly me to your session, rent the instruments, put me in a nice hotel, feed me – unless you really want to. But by the time you get all the reservations made, I can probably have your tracks finished.

Online Vibraphone recording is CONVENIENTPB Pointing up

  • You send me your play-along mp3s
  • I record parts that you or I (or both) create
  • You approve
  • You pay me ridiculously reasonable rates (say that 3x)
  • I send you high-res wave files that take your recording project to unimaginable new heights

Online Vibraphone recording is REAL

You have live, organic, jamming vibraphone, marimba, glock & xylo parts as if I’m playing right along beside you.

Created just for your music.

How much does it cost for online vibraphone recording?

Online Recording saves you MONEY

Any professional percussionist is going to have to charge you for their time and expertise. I charge $600.00 – $700.00 a day to bring in my percussion instruments and do over-dubs or live tracking. That does not include vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, chimes, or timpani. Those cost MUCH MORE – just for the cartage.

The RATES below are for vibraphone tracks where I play along with you, seriously play. This isn’t tinkle tinkle here –  ting ting there, but digging in and playing, as if I’m in your band. Your needs may be very different.

Please hear what I’m saying –

Every project is different, and so is every FEE. If your song/composition only requires 15 bell notes – I’m not going to charge you the full fee. IT”S ALL NEGOTIABLE.

The beauty of online recording is we can easily work out the DETAILS beforehand, since I’m not carrying all my stuff to another studio.  I pass the savings along to you.

So HOW MUCH WILL IT COST? Well… I don’t know, yet. But I guarantee it’s worth your time to discuss it with me.

How Does online vibraphone recording Work?

Online Recording Process

Click on each tab for more info

best salePlanning

Tell me what you want. There are no wrongs/rights in this stage. Some clients leave it ALL up to me and others are very detailed, notating every sound.

Send me what you have. If you have charts, demos, sketches of any sort, chord changes on napkins – send it. I welcome your input and the more detail the better.

  • It’s OK if you don’t know vibraphone vocabulary – nobody else does either.
  • If it helps, you can send mp3’s of “sounds like this” songs.

If you write out every note, or don’t know a B-flat from a Q-sharp… It Doesn’t Matter.

Red Check smallestWe collaborate on your Music, agree on Terms and create a Schedule.

Red Check smallestWe agree on TERMS before recording begins.Agreement


  • There is a SET-UP FEE of $40.00. It is a PER PROJECT fee.

2) PER-SONG PRICE is $125.00

  • 1 song is $125.00, 2 songs are $250.00, 3 songs are $375.00, etc. PLUS the SET-UP FEE.

3) 5 -SONG PACKAGE ($550.00) Great Deal!

  • Per-song price is reduced and the SET-UP FEE is waived. Nixed. Removed.

4) 6+ SONGS – PER-SONG PRICE IS $100.00

  • This is the lowest per-song price, and of course, the SET-UP FEE is obliterated. Kaput. El Goneo.

Red Check smallest SONG LENGTH is limited to 5 minutes.

  • There is a $100.00 fee for each additional 5 minutes.
  • So – if you have written a 17-minute orchestral rock opera dedicated to your cat, it will be $325.00+
  • (We will discuss and pro-rate the remaining 2 minutes).

There are variables, and I am willing to negotiate.

For example, the cat tribute may require only sparse vibraphone playing. A jazz composition may be 7 minutes long, but need vibraphone on the melody only. A 17-minute Frank Zappa medley, on the other hand, would require more notes, more mallets, more hands and more coffee. Also more fun:)

Red Check smallestSCHEDULE

Usually, I will have your tracks finished within 2 Business Days  of receiving your files.

And, depending on my schedule, it may be possible to RUSH TRACK (24 hours) your project, for an additional fee. Let’s talk.

I Repeat…………… Everything is negotiable.

 mp3 smaller

1) Send your play-along files/mp3’s

In a perfect world you send me 2 versions of each song.

  • Without click –  Normal, full production, but no click. This lets me hear exactly what you hear.
  • With click – Please include a count-in.

Note – If your music is complex, dense and involving tempo changes, please create a mix that is optimized for me.

  • If I am doubling parts, be sure I can hear them.
  • Make certain that drums/percussion and click are clearly audible.


722) 20% Deposit & SET-UP FEE

  • ONE SONG ________ DEPOSIT DUE is $65.00 ______($40.00 SET-UP FEE) and 20% ($25.00)
  • TWO SONGS _______ DEPOSIT DUE is $90.00 _____($40.00 SET-UP FEE) and 20% ($50.00)
  • THREE SONGS _____ DEPOSIT DUE is $115.00 ____($40.00 SET-UP FEE) and 20% ($75.00)
  • FOUR SONGS ______ DEPOSIT DUE is $140.00 ____ ($40.00 SET-UP FEE) and 20% ($100.00)


  • FIVE SONGS ______ DEPOSIT DUE is $110.00 _____(NO SET-UP FEE) and 20% ($110.00)
  • SIX SONGS _______ DEPOSIT DUE is $120.00 _____(NO SET-UP FEE) and 20% ($120.00)
  • SEVEN PLUS______ DEPOSIT DUE is $130.00 _____(NO SET-UP FEE)

** Maximum DEPOSIT DUE WILL BE $130.00. Of course, if you’re producing your lifetime song collection, we’ll talk.

Make payments to PayPal

Recording Deposit


Red Check smallest Recording Beginsmicrophone

When finished, I post mp3s on your CLIENT PAGE for approval.

If you are satisfied, recording is finished.

If you want to make changes, you are entitled to ONE RE-DO at NO CHARGE.


RRed Check smalleste-Do’s

You are entitled to 1 FREE Re-Do. Be specific about your desired changes/edits.

Sometimes I ZIG when you wanted a ZAG. Sometimes you write a part that just doesn’t meet your expectations.  Either way… we discuss it and RE-DO the track. No worries!

After one complimentary Re-Do, additional Re-Do’s are available for a fee.

Red Check smallestAdditional Re-Do’s are $35.00 each


This can be negotiated… for example, if you only want to re-do 8 measures… no problem. 88 measures, that’s another story.

Red Check smallestYour happiness is my goal. I want you to be 100% pleased!

It has never happened before, but if you are not pleased with your tracks, I offer a money-back guarantee.

I only keep the DEPOSIT and any RE-DO FEES. The rest I will gladly refund.


Time to ListenApproval Very Happy

YRed Check smallestou will receive an email with a link to your CLIENT PAGE for review. This will be a stero mix of your song(s) with mallet/percussion tracks. There are two options:

  • Approve – at which point recording is finished. Or…
  • Make comments/changes

I take your comments and Re-Do the track. You get one FREE Re-Do. Additional Re-Do’s are $35.00.

Red Check smallestWhen the Re-Do is complete, you will receive an email with a link for review.


Red Check smallestUpon your approval, you will be directed to PayPal to pay your Balance Due.



When you are satisfied, thrilled beyond words and Very, Very happy – you will receive a PayPal Invoice where you can pay the BALANCE DUE on your custom vibraphone tracks.

Payment will be made to Vibe Guy Music.

Your tracks will then be delivered.

Happy Clients2Get Your Music

When the money has been received you receive a notification email from Dropbox.  You will find your private folder containing your vibraphone tracks.

I would love to hear your final tracks. Please send mp3′, links, etc. and keep me informed about your projects.


Paul Babelay recording FAQs

Still have questions?

Click the FAQs below or contact me.

Do I Need a Written Part/Chart?

Yes if you are in a hurry.

Yes if you have specific parts in mind.

No if you want me to create parts.

Chord charts, lyric charts, anything is helpful…. but the bottom line is NO charts are necessary.

Should I send you my midi file?

Not separately. Let me hear it playing your mallet sound/patch in a demo recording/mp3.

Do not include it in the play-along mp3 I will record with.

If you are familiar with standard music notation, that midi file can be used to write a mallet part for me.

What if I want a SOLO?

Great. Just make sure I know when.

Usually, it’s pretty obvious where you want a solo – but don’t take anything for granted. Spell it out for me. Something subtle like, “Hey dummy – SOLO HERE…”

What if I only have a DEMO? Can you still add vibraphone tracks?

Yes. We can add vibraphone at any point in your production process.

Keep in mind that what I play needs to fit with other instruments, so if you want me playing chords, and there is a piano or keyboard already playing chords, and a guitar playing chords… it can get crowded quickly.

You or your producer will have to make those decisions.

Unless the vibraphone will be a huge part of the sonic picture, I would advise adding me later – like icing on the cake. Get your foundation/bed tracks done first.

What if I'm not happy with your tracks?

Most of the time, musicians that want vibraphone in their mix do so because they know exactly how it sounds and/or they know how I play. It isn’t a question of “good enough” or “right notes” – it’s a matter of musical choices.

I gladly offer 1 FREE Re-Do because I want clients to be thrilled with what I give. But if that still doesn’t do it, we can arrange for additional Re-Do’s at $35.00 each.

This is negotiable, since you might want to only re-do measures 55 – 65. Generally speaking, that’s a quick, simple fix.

After that, if I’m still not getting the vibe you want after 2-3 tries… we should punt. Musicians hear things differently, and musically speaking, we’re not on the same page. Let’s pass on that song.

But, in the remote chance that we finish your project and you are not happy – I will refund your money, MINUS  the 20% DEPOSIT and any RE-DO FEES.

HONESTLY… it’s never happened. But just know that you can get a refund if necessary.

What do I SEND you?

FOR REFERENCE: I want to hear what you hear. That means, if you have a demo recording where you’ve played a synth/vibraphone part, I want to hear it.

If you’ve heard a song with mallet percussion (marimba/xylophone/etc.) or vibraphone and you want your song to sound like it… I want to hear it.

Anything you have that will explain your musical vision – I want to hear it. A picture is worth a thousand words.


FOR RECORDING: You send me a Play-Along mp3 for each song. Do not send large audio files – it isn’t necessary.

I prefer a click track throughout and with a measure count-in. If you don’t have a click – no worries.

It’s really that simple.

If you send me a play-along track that I just can’t lock in with – I’ll contact you and we’ll figure it out. That hasn’t happened yet, but it could.

How LONG does it take?

Generally speaking, 2 business days. BUT… there are times I just cannot do that.

When we begin discussing details, TERMS, etc… we will create a SCHEDULE.

It is sometimes possible to do a RUSH TRACK. This must be cleared with me when creating your SCHEDULE.

RUSH TRACK fee is $35.00. That gets your vibraphone parts done in 24 hours or less.

Do you record other Mallet Percussion instruments?

Glad you asked.

Yes. I offer tracks for Marimba, Xylophone, Glockenspiel and Chimes.

The process is the same as for vibraphone, but different prices. (It’s cheaper!)

Go to Mallet Percussion Recording for rates.

How about other Percussion instruments, like tambourines, congas, etc.?


I can track just about anything you need from Orchestral Percussion to Afro-Cuban.

Send me questions & details, and we can get a plan.

You will find basic rates on the Hand Percussion Recording page.

Paul Babelay contact