Music Articles

These aricles are from my old website

I wrote lessons about songwriting from the perspective of recording and producing them. You learn a lot from playing  great songs, as well as the not-so-great.

Many of these music articles are still in cyberspace to enjoy. So… enjoy.

Music Articles Out of Print

Songwriting Techniques — WMD’S: Weapons of Musical Destruction
Free Songwriting Tips that Point You to Simplicity
Rhythm Injuries — Call in the Red Cross
Music Rhythm is the Foundation


Music Articles From the Vault

Move With the Muse – Catch the Idea Before it is Gone—Catch-the-Idea-Before-it-is-Gone&id=2903951
Blueprints For Songwriters – Like Mixing Oil and Water—Like-Mixing-Oil-and-Water&id=2897393
Goals For the Big Picture – Moving From La-la-Land to Reality—Moving-From-La-la-Land-to-Reality&id=2897640
Major Scales – A Music Mystery That Moves Us—A-Music-Mystery-That-Moves-Us&id=2905748