Paul Babelay

If you’re like most of my visitors, you’re a demanding, high-achieving musician. You are used to working hard – and delivering great musical. You know how to follow your vision, practice what is necessary, and deliver a great gig – no  matter what it takes.

You also want to see improvement in other areas  of your music career:

  • More control
  • Deeper satisfaction
  • Musical variety
  • Better financial compensation
  • Healthier balance of professional and personal life

But something isn’t working out.

You want to live the musician dream life, but it seems to always be just out of reach. When you perform, you find yourself bored with the same old stuff. When you try to work harder and re-ignite your passion, the endless hours  spent on social media seem like a big waste of time.

What do you do next?

There is so much to do. How do you find the time to manage it all?

  • Practice
  • Gigs
  • Music Theory
  • Composing
  • Family and personal commitments
  • Social Media
  • Education

I feel your pain.

Plus – if you play a unique instrument like I do (the vibraphone), you face the continual battle of proving you are qualified to participate in many musical settings. Gigs can be extra hard to score.

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Turn Problems into Solutions

I quit complaining about the lack of resources, and created them!


Stop wishing and start building your music career.


The best how to read music book on the web.


Complete list of tools to help build your career.

Success Cases

Happy Customers


Team Members

3 Keys to Musical Success

Take responsibility for your music career, and get busy.

1) Get Great Mentors

My time in the Jeannette Brantley Band transformed me from a know-it-all technician to a musician that could play with feeling and emotion.

2) Believe in What You Do

My musical partner of 25 years, saxophonist Lloyd Weinberg and PB performing for a bunch of kids. We shared our “Lessons Of Life Through Music” program for over 50,000 elementary and high school students.

3) Prioritize your values

My family mattered more to me than musical matters, and I wanted to be in my “girlies” lives, not just an observer. I am grateful the decisions were made, and wouldn’t change a thing.

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