Mallet Percussion Recording

I can record any and all of your mallet percussion tracks.

Composers, Producers, Arrangers & Publishers with large &/or unorthodox amounts of music

send me an overview of your project and I’ll give you a very reasonable quote.

Generally it takes 2 business days to upload your tracks for approval. But sometimes my schedule is full.

No project too small or large.


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Online Mallet Percussion Recording is a great way to get all your tracks live and real – the way you intended.




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I’m fortunate to work with some of the best musicians in the world on a regular basis and Paul Babelay certainly fits in that category! I met him several years ago on a new theatre project where he was the drummer and percussionist. He did all of the things I expect seasoned Broadway players to do- play sensitively, lead when needed and follow when asked. There’s lots of juggling to do with lots of different instruments to coordinate and he handled those tasks flawlessly. Most importantly, Paul is easy to work with and flexible when a thousand changes come his way and there’s no time to write new parts.

And then I heard his vibraphone playing… There are great drummers who can get by on vibes and there are great vibes players who can sort of play drums but to be highly skilled and a great improviser on top of that is VERY rare. I can only name a handful.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Paul to play onrecording artist and Broadway star Linda Eder’s new Christmas CD. Paul played the perfect solo that is on the opening track! On top of all of this he’s what they call ‘good people’ and I can rely on him as a musician and as a friend- a truly wonderful thing.

Kim Scharnberg

Arranger, Producer, Conductor