Musically speaking,  Performing, Recording, Writing & Producing are the crux of what I’ve done professionally for 25+ years. How many people get to do what they love? I’ve played in 6 Countries with incredible Musicians in Venues ranging from tents in Germany (jammed w/ Chaka Khan) to DOD tours of millitary bases in Turkey & Greece. Not to mention every gig imaginable in the good ole’ USA.  

I never wanted to be a teacher in the school system. While I’ve always had private students and even taught part-time classes in various colleges, the classroom setting isn’t my first choice. I like one-on-one mentoring because it’s so personal – not institutionalized. We all learn differently and I like finding what’s best for the student – not for the school. Also, I’ve always been a proponent of living what you preach. If you can’t make a living with it – why would you teach it?