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Paul is a vibraphonist, percussionist and keyboardist living in Asheville, NC.

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“I recently had the opportunity to ask Paul to play on recording artist and Broadway star Linda Eder’s new Christmas CD. Paul played the perfect solo that is on the opening track!”

Kim Scharnberg

Composer, Arranger, Conductor

“Paul Babelay. What can I say…. or rather, what can’t I say? Is he one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with? Yes. Does he excel in all things Percussion? Of course.”

Dustin Brayley

Vocalist, Tran-Siberian Orchestra

“I decided to ask Paul if he would be willing to produce the album for me. Nearly eight years later, I continue to feel I could not have made a better decision.”

Rick Harrington

Singer-Songwriter Guitarist

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PB & daughters

Paul’s favorite gig is at home – his family. For many years his wife and 3 daughters have made time for his online recording, books and 225+ yearly gigs… since weddings aren’t getting any cheaper.

His mission is to help you sound great. Need vibes, marimba, xylophone and anything percussion? Paul can help.